Lee "Certified" Rutledge

In the Spring 2017 semester, Lee Rutledge stepped across the stage as one of the Univeristy of Michigan's Bicentennial graduates. Lee has been busy for sure. Lee was one formidable competitor on the track with a most lethal, elusive and smoothly consuming stride. To recap his track laurels...Lee began his career at the age 8. He ended that season with a first place showing in the 200 meter dash at a USATF regional meet. He entered high school as one of the top 400 meter runners in the country...achieivng 4th place in the Nation at the USATF Junior Olympics. While in high school, he did break the standing USATF-NJ State record in the 400 meters dash (set by our own Clayton Gravesande).

After his high school and age-group contests were over, Lee entered the Univeristy of Michigan and majored in Computer Science. Lee has been a recipient of many honors throughout is academic career at Michigan and has served as a mentor to the next generations of Compunter Scientists and Engineers. Between his academic pursuits, his mentoring, and his summer research, Lee still managed to release his debut album in his penultimate semester. (Did we mention that he's an accomplished and classically trained flautist, composer, producer and artist?) To be accomplished on the track is encourage and inspire others?...sublime!

Lee embodies all of our founding principles...Truth, Strength, Discipline and Character! He is a multi-talented individual with an awesome heart. We are so very proud of Lee having graduated from the great Univeristy of Michican with Honors! Keep up that great work and continue to serve as an example of hard work, humility and integrity!