About Us

The Sudden Impact Track Club was founded in August 2005. The purpose was simple...to provide a no-nonsense environment for those athletes who are serious about competitive running. The founder's Southern perspective gave credence to the idea that an impact could be made not only on the face of Track and Field in the State of New Jersey...but the Northeast and beyond. And this Impact would be Sudden.

The Motto

It was decided that the motto of the Sudden Impact Track Club would be learning. At the end of the day, if the athlete does not 'buy in' to the end goal of constant improvement then simply put, they will not achieve it. The road to that individual 'buy in' comes from each athletes learning the purpose of each exercise, drill and practice session. The lesson is driven home by the athlete's recognition of their continually improving performance.


  • Truth
  • Strength
  • Discipline
  • Character
Truth was the first axiom established for the Sudden Impact Track Club. Far too often, a talented or 'winning' athlete develops a support system of complacency and entitlement. These do not jibe with the necessities of success. A competitor must always strive for improvement and honestly assess each effort.
Strength is exhibited each and every time an athlete lines up on a starting line. It is a most daunting proposition to enter into a situation while knowing that each of the other parties present is a competitor and that their goals are in direct contradiction to your own.
Discipline makes way for one of the key ingredients of achievement...Consistency. A disciplined and focused athlete makes for a better prepared athlete. An athlete's rigorous training and best performances should have few dependencies on items that are tangential to the task at hand.
It is Character that the sport develops within each great athlete and what, in turn, each great athlete gives back to the sport. We expect each Sudden Impact Track Club member to be a leader by example, a fierce competitor and a great sport.