Minkah Fitzpatrick

We would like to send a big Congratulations to the Fitzpatrick family. Shortly after the club was founded, we had the pleasure of having them as part of the Sudden Impact Track Club. Part of that family was young Mr. Minkah Fitzpatrick. He was always a most serious competitor. He was a gifted athlete who did not shy away from 'the work' before him. Though a gifted track athlete, his ultimate sport chosen?...Football!...where he excelled tremendously from Youth through High School and phenomenally at the University of Alabama.

Mr. Fitzpatrick was recently drafted in the First Round (overall pick #11) of the 2018 National Football League Draft. As a member of the Miami Dolphins, we are certain he will continue to exemplify the Club credo of Truth, Strength, Discipline and Character. Mr. Fitzpatrick?...Keep learning, Keep growing...Keep Going!

We are cheering for you to make an Impact in this and future chapters in your life!