The "Crucible"

During the founding of the club in 2005, our President determined that one of the key differentiators to maintain competitive superiority was to have a weightroom. This weightroom was carefully designed to enhance power, flexibility, balance and control. The weightroom was and continues to be at no cost for those select athletes wanting to better themselves on the field of play. Over the years, it has helped propel many to NCAA Division I programs in Track and Field, as well as other sports, in many major conferences (e.g. Big 10, AAC, SEC, the Patriot League, the CAA, et al.). Today, elite athletes in Football, Basketball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse and, of course, Track and Field visit to build and keep their competitive edge. Each piece of equipment in the weightroom was carefully studied and tested prior to it becoming part of the preparatory regimen. The selection criteria for each piece of equipment was that it was (1) to be safe for training those growing elite athletes and (2) effective in the mission to better athletes.

The weightroom is complemented by equipment purposed for Dynamic training. Plyometric boxes, parachutes, jump ropes, purpose-built resistance bands, wrist/ankle weights, speed/power vests and high-low sleds are employed liberally to put into agency the strength and power manufactured in the weightroom. Finally, it is the contoured resistance training that tempers all of the preparatory work for the athlete.